Iris Greenwell


Ft. Worth, TX


Welcome to Iris Greenwell Photography!

Iris Greenwell was born in Panama City, Panama. She specializes in outdoor and nature photography and has 8 years of experience in these areas.

Iris' appreciation for color, shapes and texture can be seen in her landscapes and nature images. She likes to capture mood, mystery and beauty in nature. She found inspiration for her landscapes in the paintings of Albert Bierstadt and the photography works of Galen Rowell and Elliot Porter.

Iris Greenwell has worked as a freelance photographer, educator and digital technician. She is currently living in Ft. Worth, Texas.

She is member of Professional Photographers of America since 2011.

In her career as a photographer, she has also had several solo and group fine art exhibits and juried art shows.

-2013-2014 teaches Photography Courses in the Tales 'N' Trails Museum in Nocona ,Texas.

-2013 Oklahoma Today Magazine published two of my images in the article " Jagged Curtain" by Kelly Kurt .Nov-Dec Edition.pgs62-63.
-2013 Article about Iris Greenwell Landscape on Focus on Singh-Ray Filters Blog.
-2013 Guess Speaker Chrisholm Trail Art Association, Bowie ,Texas.
-2012 Oklahoma Today Photo Assignment, Project called "Boggy Park"
-2012 Guess speaker at the 6th Arbuckle-Simpson nature Festival, Tishomingo,OK
-2012 Oklahoma Photo Assignment with Oklahoma Today Magazine Project called " Chickasaw National recreational Area, Sulphur."
-2012 Juried Photography Show at the Artists of the Arbuckles Gallery in Sulphur,Oklahoma
-2012 History Channel, Project CCCM with the Program Mutcats Project, Display of Three Pictures for the Program

-2011 Artist's Spotlight featuring my bio and work in Fashion Photography in Flawless Magazine (
-2011 Community Service: Photograph Air Emergency Training, Ardmore, Oklahoma.
- 2011 A Judge for photography at the Johnston County Fair, Tishomingo, OK
-2011 Speaker in the 5th Arbuckle-Simpson Nature Festival, Tishomingo,OK
- 2011 Artist of the Arbuckle Gallery, Artist of the Month, February Sulphur,Oklahoma
- 2011 Studio 107 Gallery Juried exhibit, Ardmore, Oklahoma
- 2011 Cover pictures of Garvin County and Purcell Lexington the telephone directories
- 2011 Arbuckle country Visitor Guide

-2010 A judge for photography at the Johnston County Fair, Tishomingo, OK
-2010 Pauls Valley Public Library Exhibit with the Garvin County Camera Club
-2010 Arbuckle Country Visitor Guide 2010 (magazine cover and landscapes images inside)
- 2010 Juried Photography Show at the Artists of the Arbuckle Gallery in Sulphur.OK
-2010 Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce Community Guide 2010 (cover)

-2009 Front Cover of the Pauls Valley Chamber of Commerce Community Guide
-2009 Photos in South Central Oklahoma's Arbuckle Country Visitor Guide
-2009 Studio 107 Gallery Juried Exhibit, Ardmore ,Oklahoma
-2009 Gooddard Center 40th Annual Juried Exhibit, Ardmore,Oklahoma
-2009 Santa Fe Depot Museum-Photo Exhibit " Hightlights of Pauls Valley" Pauls Valley,OK
-2009 Pauls Valley Public Library Photography Exhibit, Pauls Valley,OK
-2009 Photo Exhibit in Savage Arts Gallery, Pauls Valley

-2008 Rooster Days Festival, Broken Arrow,Oklahoma

- 2007 Art on Main, Juried Art Show, downtown jenks, Oklahoma
-2007 Ziergle's Gallery Exhibit " The Legacy Photography and Art Show" Tulsa, OK


-Myriad Botanical Gardens, Oklahoma City


1st and 2nd place in the Professional Adult Indoor Gardens Photos, January 2010

-Best of Show Ribbon and Third Place in the Juried Photography Show at Artists of the Arbuckles Gallery in Sulphur, Oklahoma, January 23,2010

-Artist of the Month in the Artists of the Arbuckle Gallery, Sulphur,OK, February 2011.

Owner of these two websites: for Portraits and workshops:
for landscapes and fine

She also contributed to the turism of Oklahoma donating images for Travel Oklahoma

Among her most impressive photographic work are Cypress Trees Series and San Antonio Series as well as her Macro Photography Series.

She recently sold a print of "Translucid Dandelion" image to ABC Studios for the ABCS's television series " Desperate Housewives" in 2011.

For about three years, she taught several courses in Southern Oklahoma Technology Center in Ardmore, Oklahoma.

More than just a photographer, Iris is a dedicated teacher with passion for sharing her knowledge to help others to see the beauties of nature and develop their own personal vision and master their digital photography skills.

Iris's Equipment: Nikon D200, Nikon D700 and Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Cameras


Reflection on Lake Murray by Iris Greenwell


Trees in Fall by Iris Greenwell


Orange Tree by Iris Greenwell


Autumn Day by Iris Greenwell


The Green Boat by Iris Greenwell


Cypress and Lilies by Iris Greenwell


Field of Red Flowers by Iris Greenwell


Red Beauty by Iris Greenwell


Pasture by Iris Greenwell


Layers of Bluebonnets by Iris Greenwell


In the Forest by Iris Greenwell


Grand Canyon by Iris Greenwell


Soft Current by Iris Greenwell


Lincoln Bridge in Flower Park by Iris Greenwell


Little Niagara in Sulphur by Iris Greenwell


Double waterfalls by Iris Greenwell


Girl on the waterfall by Iris Greenwell


Almost there by Iris Greenwell


View of a waterfall by Iris Greenwell


Twist by Iris Greenwell


Mistical Creek by Iris Greenwell


Mistical Falls by Iris Greenwell


Hidden Waterfall by Iris Greenwell


Garfield Waterfall by Iris Greenwell


Purple Cones Blooms by Iris Greenwell


Rose Garden by Iris Greenwell


Green Grass by Iris Greenwell


Only Purple Cone Flowers by Iris Greenwell


Purple Cone Flowers by Iris Greenwell


Summer Fly by Iris Greenwell


Spring in Sulphur by Iris Greenwell


Mount Scott Springtime by Iris Greenwell


Yellow Wildflowers in the mountains by Iris Greenwell


Serenity at the Mountain View by Iris Greenwell


Mountain Sunrise by Iris Greenwell


Sunrise at Mount Scott by Iris Greenwell


Wildflowers in Mount Scott by Iris Greenwell


Blue Leaves by Iris Greenwell


Perspective of Cypress by Iris Greenwell


Hidden in the Forest by Iris Greenwell


Autumn in the Cypress Forest by Iris Greenwell


Down Route of the Cypress by Iris Greenwell


Cypress in the route by Iris Greenwell


Sunset in Caddo Lake by Iris Greenwell


Crater Lake in Spring by Iris Greenwell


Crater Lake by Iris Greenwell


Wichita Mountains in Springtime by Iris Greenwell


Cold Day by Iris Greenwell